Introducing:Variable UAS Flight Control System for the Apple iPad
The all new eikonlexis VFC utilizes the powerful motion sensors of the brand new Apple iPad to create a new unique experience to control and monitor an UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System). The light weight design of the iPad with the comfort of an innovative software brings a new type of equipment on todays battle-fields.

The VFC includes state-of-the-art digital avionics to provide more information to the Pilot in Command or Analyst, directly on the field of action. Combining a consumer product with the latest technology in aviation creates an cost-reducing technology which is fail-safe and affordable.

For more information contact eikonlexis at vfc@eikonlexis.com.

eikonlexis now open for Investors. Please direct your interest to the above e-mail address.

(Patent Approved)

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